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Sunny day with Petar

Petar Ciganović is a dear friend of mine and a colleague blogger (check out Leather Scent). Every day he surprises me pleasantly with a new and interesting post.  Except Petar has a deep feeling for art and fashion, he is a Croatian model, too. I find him very interesting as a person and I chatted with him about something everything. So it comes J

I find your style very interesting, what's your inspiration?
Well, in the first place, from my mood at the time. Also, I found interesting details from everyday life and if I like them, I would gladly incorporate them in my style. When it comes to my style, I don't have something specific, one day I'm casual street styler, and another I'm in some elegant combo.

How would you described your ideal day?
It begins with a cup of coffee and a cigarette on a terrace, then refresh under the shower and step up into the city crowd with dear friends of mine. Small talks, laughter and planning to go out to the party (but it never turns out how we planned..hehhe), but that's the pleasure and charm in it all. Briefly, the day spent with my dearest in the city.

What kind of person it must be for make you to turn around when you see her?
Interesting,  anti-stereotyped. I first notice some physical characteristics of the person and when it comes to fashion, fashion blams also as an interesting and lovely unusual combos (then I take a significant look J ).

Your favourite blogs?
Since i'm new in blogging, I haven't discovered all, yet, but I can say wihout any hesitation that my foavorite men's blog is katelovesme. I adore how he combines on the first sight something that's incompatible and risky, but in the end it looks magnificant. I just adore his style. Recently, I discovered fantastic Italian blog by  Mariano Di Vaio. When it comes to regional blogger scene I have to point out my friend Vladan. He perfectly experiments with different styles and  eras of fashion evolution. And when it comes of making bussines from the blog, I point out Chiara and theblondsalad, beacause she made big boom on the world's fashion scene, also as bryanboy.

Film and music.
I love psychological  thriller, because I find the human mind very interesting. There are two movies which mesmerized me with its freedom and imperfection. The Dreamers, a wonerful love stroy in the time of revolution of seventh art. Les amours imaginaires, directed by Xavier Dolan. That movie just mesmerized me with so vivid description of how people are blinded when they're in love and the music in the movie is also wonderful.
About the music, I love electro and ambient versions of the mentioned above, but when I'm out at some party I enjoy commercial hits.

You're a model, too, tell me what's the feeling to walk on the stage and be responsible for the designer's work?
I love to answer this question J Well, the feeling is indescribable. When I come out to the stage and the lights blinds me I forget about everything and have a feeling that I walk through big and empty room. Head is empty and everything else is meaningless. I just walk and it all comes intuitive. After coming back to the backstage, the adrenalin streams my veins and I have a feeling that the whole worls is mine. I'm so euphoric and happy for being able to give my contribution to  hard designer's work.

Best of designers.
Burberry, because they are timeless. Hugo by Hugoboss, because they cherish simple and minimalistic lines. I love Mulberry, they make great bags, which I'm going to carry forward to my grandchildren and that leather scent (mmm J). I love also Balenciaga (fot they're simplicity) and Kenzo (love how they never wear out they floral style which I enjoy). When it comes to Croatian designers, I love the chaos of Andreja Bistričić for Dioralop. Ivica Klarić, because he knows fantastically mens body and  does the best suits in Croatia. And of course Clash of nine, I love them because they're so inventive.

What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you? 
I was born.

Isn't he just great ! :)

Enjoy the photos on a nice sunny day with Petar,

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