srijeda, 27. lipnja 2012.

Call me Lilly :)

My dear guys,
 yesterday was the first day which wasn't too hot, I felt glad because I don't like summer weather: I would be the happpiest person if there could be always spring :) So, I put my hat on and went to a city walk :)

Hope you like the photos,

love, Ivana <3

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  1. prekrasna košulja i torba! baš si bajkovita tu :)

  2. Ajme sto je divna torba i suze, ma slatko je sve :)

  3. OMG gorgeous outfit :)

    Btw new follower here, I'd love if you follow back <3

  4. I love ur wedges and shirt, u look so chic. You got a nice blog..Following u now. :) is my blog and I invite u to visit it.. if u like it, do follow. I'd be real glad.