srijeda, 27. lipnja 2012.

Call me Lilly :)

My dear guys,
 yesterday was the first day which wasn't too hot, I felt glad because I don't like summer weather: I would be the happpiest person if there could be always spring :) So, I put my hat on and went to a city walk :)

Hope you like the photos,

love, Ivana <3

nedjelja, 24. lipnja 2012.

Adventure called Hrelić

(the backpack :) )

Hello everyone :)
Today I visited the biggest flea market in Croatia called Hrelić, with my dear friend Dina.
I knew from the start that the real adventure is ahead of us. When we finally came, I felt like I'm in some new dimension :D Everything was so colorful, full of interesting and old stuff. People were so friendly and ready to  negotiate when it comes to prices :)
On Hrelić you can find apsolutely everything, from needle to locomotive and it's full of surprises.

Definitely, my biggest catch on Hrelić was THE BACKPACK :) I just fell in love with it on the first sight.

Enjoy the photos,

 (and so we started )

 (my catch <3)

love, Ivana <3

petak, 22. lipnja 2012.

Crime and Punishment

This week I was at the performance of the Crime and Punishment at Academy of Dramatic Art.
It was great performance of young actors and actress to be.I really enjoyed it, even though it was too hot in the auditorium.

Look what I caught for you with my camera :)

love, Ivana <3

srijeda, 20. lipnja 2012.


It's so hot and yesterday I felt like a rebel, and so this is it :)

(shoes and necklace are DIY by me :) )

love, Ivana <3

utorak, 19. lipnja 2012.

D-Day 2012 :)

From 15-17 June in space of Stara Kloanica in Heinzelova Street in Zagreb was held D-Day - the extensive regional exhibition of authors of up to 35 years of age. D-Day is all about independent and joint productions, the communicative aspects of presenting one's own work, full blooded implemented projects, as well as ideas that need support.
I really enjoyed it and got lots of inspiration.

Look what I caught for you on D-Day :)

Great work of Jasmina Arnautović and Maja Virgej for JET LAG

Stunning paper dresses by Morana Kranjec

 work by: Lidija Lovrić

work by: Alen Pinku and Andrea Popovic

work by: Barbara Lukanić

great stuff by: Dioralop

and some random pics:

love, Ivana <3