subota, 2. lipnja 2012.

Listen the street talk

Hello guys :)

     From 31.5. - 6.6. on the streets of Zagreb you can enjoy in street festival "Cest is d' best".
The festival gathers artists all around the world and they have only one mission: "to entertain you" through their performances which are very fun and interesting.

     My yesterday walk convert from calm and relaxing to the state of completely euforia. It was great :)

     Watch the event through my eyes, here are some photos :)


(the performer before the act)

 (and it begins)


                       (and the detail of his ink tatoo <3 )

                     (little guy is carefully watching)

                     (and the stylish tourist is watching, too )

                    (love the pattern )

                     (the jacket <3)

                     (she is looking in the ball :) )

 (vintage <3 )

 ( the tie :D )

                     ( and the sweetest girl the combination)

love, Ivana <3

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  1. hi, ivana. awww, the girl is so cute, and i love these true-life photos. love all the amazing inspirations. enjoyed looking at your posts, and i just followed you on google. :) i would be honored if you connect with me, too! :) cheers from usa!!

    1. thank you so much :)))I follow you now, great blog you got :)