utorak, 29. svibnja 2012.

Unique, colorful and perky: Elisa Nalin

      Before a year ago Elisa Nalin was unknown in fashion circles, but nowdays she is a style icon.
She is italian stylist working in Paris. Her style is very uniqe, because she doesn't blindly follow trends and is very free-minded when it comes to her style. Elisa describes her style like colorful, unexpected, textured but always elegant and she isn't afraid of fashion faux pas.
      She is a kind of people with their very point of view and following their own personal taste which is rare nowdays and I salute that way of thinking and living. Also, she loves vintage....big <3 for that :)

Elise Nalin is a breath of fresh air in today "copy paste" style society.

Enjoy the photos and be inspired !

love, Ivana <3

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