petak, 25. svibnja 2012.

IT girl !

Hello !!!

This is my first post ever on my first blog ever...wuhuuu :)

While you are waiting for some pictures of my own style (which would be very soon) enjoy reading about Edie Seadwick, a true inspiration of mine when it comes to style. I absolutely adore her.

Edie Sedgwick (1943.-1971.), altough she was only 28 when she died, Edie make a big tribute to the world fashion. She was real IT –girl of 1960's. She developed her own style, with her own vision, but she was also influenced by Andy Warhol being his muse for one period of his art work.
 Thick black tights, oversize T-shirts and big massive earings were her must have clothing items. Edie's natural beauty, big dark eyes and her fragility made her special and loved by everyone although she was addicted to drugs and with her unstable nervous state. Edie Sedgwick was a interesant person who had three real loves in her life: Warhol, Dylan and drugs. She was the first model of great Betsy Johnson who told that Edie was the begining of unisex type.
Edie was so before her  time that she inspired girls over the world with her unique style which continues to develop in nowdays fashion.

love, Ivana <3

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