petak, 20. srpnja 2012.

Stars and stripes

I'm at the moment in my home village for my summer vacations. Here is so peaceful and easy going. I have to admit that I miss all that hurry and rush of Zagreb but on the other hand, nature here is so wonderful, you can  walk and walk for hours and all you can see are green meadows and golden fields.
I have to tell you that when I was returning from the location where this photos are taken I saw a little fawn (bambi) right in front of me (how cool is that) <3

I was wearing americano pants in which I fell in love when I first saw them at New Yorker and this T-shirt from 80's (from my mom) which I redesigned :)

Enjoy the photos,

love, Ivana <3

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  1. Bježi tamo...ja kad sam oišla da kupim ove hlaće ije bilo broja za mene :(
    Super ti stoje. Outfit je sjajan. Izgledaš mi totalno američki. :)

  2. odličan outfit, jako mi se sviđa!

  3. savršena komba! i lokacija je genijalna!!

  4. очень красивый look!)

  5. Predivne slike, majčica je divna stvarno! Pratim te :) ♥

  6. Odlican outfit, i lijepe fotke :)

  7. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  8. Predivne fotke i precool outfit! :)
    pozz s juga